When it comes to investing in property the chances of getting exactly what you are looking for is few and far between. The difference with commissioning miniature property is that anything goes and you can have exactly what you are looking for without the burden of ongoing running costs. Whether it is a dream house for yourself or you wish to get your children on the property ladder early, a miniature house can bring you many years of joy and fulfilment. Although the work I produce is mainly inspired by French and English architecture I am able to work with any design and style.

Incorporating highly skilled practices that cover architecture, fine art, sculpting, carpentry and design, these miniatures stretch beyond the ordinary doll house and become intricate pieces of original art. 


Pricing varies widely with commissions. Small houses with just the exterior completed can cost between £4,500 and £8,000 dependant on finish and interior requirements.

Larger houses with grander finishes can start from £10,000 upwards. 

To enquire about getting your own miniature ideas realised please use the contact form. If you can please include your initial ideas and whether you would like the interior completed and also your budget etc.